Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest type of magnetic material?

Neodymium iron boron magnets are the strongest magnet available with energy products up to 52MGOe available.

What coating do I need for my magnet?

This depends on the application. Our experienced engineers can help you determine the correct coating required for your application.

What are permanent magnets made of?

Permanent magnets are primarily made from metallic elements that can either be magnetized or are strongly attracted to a magnet. Other non-ferrous materials are sometimes added to create specific and desirable properties.

How are neodymium magnets made?

The main ingredients of a neodymium magnet are neodymium itself, iron, and boron; the chemical compound known as NdFeb. The exact ingredients depend on the grade or strength of magnet being produced. At, we do not compromise on quality, the majority of our magnets are grade N35 or above, making them 20% more magnetic than many cheaper N35 grade magnets on the market. Unlike many other magnet suppliers we also add an element called dysprosium, which replaces some of the neodymium – dysprosium has the highest magnetic strength of all elements and is added to all our neodymium magnets raising the coercivity of the material and increasing their resistance to demagnetisation and corrosion.

Do all grades of neodymium magnets need coating?

Surface treatment is recommended for sintered neodymium magnets. Their composition inherently lends itself to corrosion if it is un-coated.

What types of coatings are available?

We offer a variety of coatings including nickel, zinc, gold, parylene, and epoxy. Consult one of our magnet application engineers with your specific requirements and we can work to make a recommendation.

Are your Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets RoHS compliant?

Yes, our magnets are fully RoHS compliant, meeting the European Parliament Directive entitled “Restrictions on the use Of Hazardous Substances” (RoHS).

I need a special shape of neodymium magnet. Can I order custom magnets from you?

Yes, we can supply custom magnets. You can find details on our Custom Maget Page.

How can I pay?

We offer easy paypal or credit card payment for smaller orders. For larger orders, we accept standard forms of payment: west union, company cheques, wire transfer, and terms to qualified customers.

Do you sell licensed neodymium magnets?

Yes, UMAGNETS only sells licensed magnets – this ensures a higher quality final product.

Do you have a Download catalogue?

Now we do not have a download catalog available.  Find all size of our magnets online, here at our website.

How can you guarantee quality?

UMAGNETS has dedicated over 3,000 employees to its magnetics business. We employ over 350 technical and quality staff to oversee our process controls. Over the past two decades, we have experience working with both large, international corporations and small, highly specialized customers, so we can properly maintain high quality across large quantities of magnets and assemblies.

Do you offer expediting shipping?

Yes, we do offer expedited shipping when required. Please select Expedited Shipping when check out, We will use DHL to ship the magnets for you.

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Useful information

Neodymium is the most powerful of all permanent magnet materials. They are often known as “Super Magnets”.They are used in applications where the strongest magnetic force is required from the smallest possible volume of material.

We have over 20 million Ultra High Performance Neodymium Magnets currently in stock and have hundreds of standard sizes available immediately from stock with same day dispatch. Now we have discs, cylinders, blocks, countersunk, spheres, rings, pot magnets and more.

We like to know what our customers think about our products and services, that is why we use independent review site, Trust Pilot. If you stop by our website and purchase some of our products please let us know how we did.

Purchasing neodymium magnets at is easy at your fingertips. We offer two options to pay for your magnet order. 1. you can pay your magnet order through PayPal or credit card, with no sign up or registration required. 2. You can also place your order online with Westunion or direct bank transfer during checkout. Customers who choose to pay via west union or wire transfer are responsible for all local handling fees and intermediary bank handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm the total payment amount with their local bank.